January 1⁣

This is what we all have…A CLEAN SLATE!!!

So maybe you didn’t hit those goals you set last year, doesn’t matter. Because that’s in the past!⁣

It’s ok to sit and reflect for a few on it but then shake it off and get to setting NEW goals for 2019!⁣

Make your dream or vision board – they work! ⁣

Get up off the couch and move – you will feel better! ⁣

Make a few more healthy choices than before – you may find you don’t mind avocados, brown rice or fruits! ⁣

Try a minute of deep breathing before eating – it calms your digestive system to allow it to work better! ⁣

Be as nice to everyone, all the time, as you are at Christmas and New Years – being a kind person doesn’t take much!

But most of all BE HAPPY!!! If you are not living a happy life then what is the point?⁣

Love you all! ⁣
~ Heidi

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